Saturday, June 2, 2007

Showing And Preparing Your Home Or Condo For Sale

Don't Panic:
You come first. This is your home, you have your Life to live, simply do the best you can.

First Impressions:
You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. An inviting exterior insures inspection of the interior. Entrance walkways and patios should always be free and clear of refuse and clutter. Keep your patio planters cultivated with colorful fresh flowers. On the inside, personal and family photographs, along with all political, religious and cultural items should be packed up and stored while the property is on the market. Anything potentially dangerous or controversial should be packed up and stored.

Decorate For A Quick Sale:
Faded walls, wallpaper and worn woodwork reduce desire. Do not tell the prospect how the place can be made to look, show them by making it look great. A quicker sale at a higher price will result. Don’t assume the homebuyer will want or can afford to redecorate. Many prospects will simply move on to other properties without making an offer if they perceive they must make changes in decor.

A Clean Home Is A Happy Home:
Bright and cheery windows and unmarred walls will assist your sale.

Fix That Faucet:
Dripping water discolors the enamel and calls attention to faulty plumbing.

A Day With A Carpenter or Handyman:
Loose doorknobs, sticking drawers and warped cabinet doors are noticed by the prospect. Have them fixed promptly to add appeal.

Closet illusions:
Clothes properly hung, shoes, hats and other articles neatly placed, will make your closets appear adequate. Pack and store away excess or seasonal items.

Dear To Her Heart Is The Kitchen:
Colorful curtains or blinds in harmony with the floor and Counter tops add appeal for the lady of the house. Keep the oven clean - it often gets inspected.

Check And Re-Check Your Bathrooms:
Bright and clean bathrooms sell many homes. Keep toilet lids down.

For The Rest of Your Life:
Bedrooms are always important features. Arrange them to feel spacious and clean.

The Brighter The Better:
Illumination is a welcome sign. For after-dark inspections, turn on your lights from the front porch in and throughout. The prospect will feel a glowing warmth; otherwise impossible to attain. Also turn on lights in the daytime for rooms that are not so bright. Keep the blinds or draperies open! You want everyone to see inside!

Three's A Crowd:
When a Realtor and the prospect arrive you should greet them courteously, then disappear. Children and pets should be kept clear. Don't volunteer any comment unless asked. Remember the prospect is there to view the home. Your absence will increase their comfort level.

Shut off the Television:
The radio or TV can distract from your home. Let the agent and the buyer talk free of any disturbances or distractions.

Love Me, Love My Dog:
This does not apply in home selling. Keep pets out of the way, preferably out of the house. Some prospective buyers have animal phobias and/or allergies.

Be Aware of Odors:
People will linger in a fresh, pleasant smelling home. Stale air, or bad odors, make them want to get out and can ruin the sale. Deodorizers with heavy pine or floral fragrances should be avoided! Cinnamon or vanilla scented candles or deodorizers are best. Also Air purifiers can help sell your home!

Be It Ever So Humble:
Please don't apologize for appearance of your home. After all, it is lived in. Let the agent answer any objections that are raised.

A Word To The Wise:
Do not discuss price, terms, possession or other factors with the customers. Refer them to us. As a seller, most anything you say could compromise your position. As a third party, a Realtor can better bring the negotiation to a favorable conclusion.

Avoid home invasions! Homes listed for sale are occasionally targeted by criminals. We ask that you show your house to prospective customers only when accompanied by a Licensed Realtor. If someone approaches you and wants to see the inside, simply give them one of your Realtor’s business cards and ask them to call your Realtor for a private showing.

Require Realtors to gain access to your home via the Realtor’s key safe. The new key safes record every entry made and will report back to your agent who visited and when. Note: If someone rings the door bell, simply ignore it when you are not expecting company. If an agent does not have the ability to open the key safe, they may be a criminal posing as a Realtor. We recommend that you never open the door for anyone!

This Report is provided by The Louison Team at RE/MAX Real Estate Services in Huntington Beach. Just Listed Website: