Saturday, June 2, 2007

Little Known Secrets To Selling Your Home

The Way You Showcase Your Home Can Mean Thousands Of Dollars To You. When purchasing a home, a buyer often makes a decision based on emotion. When a home shows like a model, it is much easier to fall in love with it. The buyer will look at an immaculate, well-decorated home and imagine that this is what their life would be like living there. When a home shows well, a buyer is much more willing to pay you what your home is worth. Because Raymond and Stephanie are known for their ability to stage a home, other agents feel comfortable showing the Louison Team's listings, often without even having previewed them.

Raymond and Stephanie have a reputation in their industry for having listings that show beautifully. Raymond and Stephanie are able to look at your home and see what it could be. They can recommend the professionals who can inexpensively make the repairs necessary to make your home show like a model. Many times, the changes Raymond and Stephanie will recommend will cost you nothing! Raymond and Stephanie have an uncanny ability to rearrange furniture, pictures, "knickknacks", etc., to bring the model out in your home. One of the first things Raymond and Stephanie will recommend is unclutter and pack up early. Remember the goal is to make your home look like no one lives there.

The way you live in a house and the way you sell a house are two different things. Not Making Important Improvements In Your Home Can Cost You Thousands Of Dollars! When buyers look at your home they over estimate the cost of necessary changes such as carpeting and paint. For example, buyers may estimate the cost of new carpeting at $10,000. They will want to deduct that amount from the price they will offer you. In actuality, Raymond and Stephanie's factory direct carpet vendors would probably be able to install new carpeting, which will completely transform your home for under $4,000, and maybe much less.
In this case, not installing carpeting could actually cost you $6,000! Or even worse, Buyers may totally pass up your home because they cannot visualize what your home could look like with the necessary changes.

Don't let your buyer be turned off by a dreary kitchen! If you have dark, dated kitchen countertops, they can be easily and inexpensively be transformed into a beautiful white or light color through a process called glazing. Your kitchen can take on a totally remodeled look through this simple process and the results are truly astounding. Buyers buy what they see, not what it could be! That is why builders make sure their model homes are impeccably decorated

Neatness And Cleanliness Are Imperative. Take a walk around your home. Pretend you're a buyer. What would you see, feel, smell, etc.
  • Are there fingerprints on any walls?
  • Do your bathtubs and showers need caulking?
  • Do they look brand new?
  • Does your house smell fresh and clean? Is your outside paint worn and dark or is it representative of the quick-selling light colors?

Raymond and Stephanie have a fantastic contractor who can make your bathrooms look brand new! In fact, if your bathtubs, showers, or sinks need reglazing in order to achieve this look, it can be done at a very reasonable cost.

Showcase Your Home Every Day! Merchandise Your Home! Just like any other showroom, your home needs to appear in perfect condition Every Day! That's difficult and we understand - especially when you have children. But a home remaining unsold on the market is more trouble than keeping the home tidy.

Remember, if buyers aren’t drawn to the image created by the front of your house, they’ll never see the inside! Fresh paint on your front door, touched up trim, colorful flowers in the front, all these factors communicate an, "I care," attitude to buyers. Now is the time to keep the front yard well trimmed and green.

Setting the stage and mood really does help a house sell.
When you know someone is coming, turn on the lights, increase the wattage of your light bulbs if necessary, and play soft music. Pets can be very distracting and cause a house to be eliminated by prospective buyers, so if weather permits, keep them outside. Always be gone when buyers are viewing your home - wait outside, take a walk around the block, etc. Buyers always feel more comfortable viewing a home when the sellers and their pets are not present.

Price Your Home Correctly. A listing price that is too high often nets the seller less than a price at market value. However, pricing your home too low can be a mistake, too. In today's volatile real estate market, sellers may not realize how much they can actually sell their home for. Basing your listing price strictly on comparable sales may cost you money in today's market. Working with Real Estate Consultants who personally sell a lot of homes will be a real asset to you in pricing your home. The reason for this is that the real estate market changes constantly. In order to determine the absolute highest price at which your home will sell, you must work with someone who knows, moment by moment, what is happening in the market place. Raymond and Stephanie have found that, today, more than ever, sellers are not aware of the real value of their home. Judging the sales price of their home by what their neighbor’s home sold for, or by what the Realtor who sold them the house thinks, may be a real mistake. Housing inventory, interest rates, public perception of market conditions, timing, location, and condition all influence the proper pricing of your home. Getting you top dollar for your home is an absolute art. This is not something you will want to leave to a novice. Only trust someone who has daily contact with the market.

To obtain top dollar, you will need an expert in real estate marketing, not just a real estate salesperson. No matter whom you choose to represent you in the sale of your home, make sure that he or she has a proven track record of sales. If you were about to have knee surgery, you would pick the doctor who has demonstrated the most success in performing knee operations. Why would experience count any less when dealing with your family's largest investment? Make sure to pick the Realtor(s) who has demonstrated a consistent ability to get homes sold for top dollar. Quality sales, not just quantity! Many salespeople are experts at pressuring home sellers into accepting low offers. Don’t be fooled by the so-called "super-salesperson" who always claims to sell more homes in your neighborhood than anyone else. Find out what their clients think after doing business with them. Ask for and check references. Find out if they received world-class service or world-class lip service?

Today's Real Estate Success Requires The Work Of A Team!

7% of Realtors sell 93% of the homes in California. According to the California Association of Realtors statistics, 93% of the homes in California are sold by 7% of the Realtors. The reason for this is that the most productive Realtors are a part of a team. No individual real estate agent can provide the service of a full team devoted to fulfilling your needs. And more and more buyers and sellers are expecting this level of uncompromising - service. Raymond and Stephanie's team consists of professionals whose entire focus is to provide you with a level of service you have never before experienced. If you had surgery, you would not expect your doctor to be a one-man show. If your doctor checked you in, weighed you, took your blood pressure, gave you your blood tests, prepped you for surgery, performed surgery, and then nursed you back to health, you would probably have little confidence in that doctor. The same thing is true with your Realtor. If your agent is busy putting up signs and lockboxes, mailing flyers, doing their own mailings, handling your paper work, following up with showings, writing ads, following up on the details of each escrow, handling any and all problems which may come up, they hardly have time to tend to the important job of getting your home sold. For this reason, the service provided by an entire team, which is devoted solely to serving your needs will far out-perform that which you have experienced in the past when you have worked with an individual agent.

Raymond and Stephanie Realize The Importance Of Being On The Leading Edge In Real Estate Marketing! Today's buyer is often leery of the typical newspaper ads she/he has been bombarded with over the years. Most people have become savvy to the fact that, often the descriptions offered in the advertisement have nothing in common with the actual condition of the property. Most buyers today are computer literate and quite accustomed to delving into cyberspace for desired information of all types. Many people today realize that much of the M.L.S. is available to the consumer through the Internet. One of Raymond and Stephanie’s strongest marketing techniques is their easily accessible information on the Internet. They have spent a great deal of time, effort, and assets making sure that their listings continue to stand out among others. The ‘color picture’ is merely the foundation of an array of remarkable websites. Your potential buyer is actually offered a 'Grand Tour’ of your home with color pictures and descriptions of your home, the backyard, and all of its wonderful features, from their home computer! It's a very exciting and innovative concept.

In today’s fast paced market, "Innovative marketing" is what is getting the job done! This style of marketing requires your agent to actively and aggressively pick out, hunt down, and draw out the most likely buyer for your home. In other words, target your buyer! The targeted buyer (undoubtedly, always the right buyer) appreciates your home's value and will pay the most money for your home. "Why" You ask! Because this person appreciates and is looking for a home with the same attributes you desired when you bought the home! They may have even made the same style of improvements that you made. Therefore, everything you've done to the home has value to them! As you can see, active marketing, the style of marketing Raymond and Stephanie use, is the exact opposite of passive marketing. Better known as "Waiting, Hoping and Praying!" or the 3P’s of real estate. (Place it in the M.L.S., Put A For Sale Sign Up, And Pray It Sells!) Making Things Happen By Taking Action Produces Results! Target marketing today has become highly specialized.

Raymond and Stephanie use a highly advanced marketing system in order to pursue, even further, the perfect buyer for your home. Their marketing methods are based on the results of a study conducted at Stanford University. The study claims that human beings fall into five basic personality types. These profiles are based on Lifestyles, Interests, Values, Expectations, and Symbols. "L.I.V.E.S.". These demographics have been found to be the best predictors in determining what specific features these groups of people desire in a home. Raymond & Stephanie create advertisements using a language strategically designed to target the perfect buyer for each home! Companies such as Chevrolet, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nike all use this system to target their buyers. Check out their ads and see if you can identify their target market. This highly specialized marketing system is now available to you.

The right Realtor will use a broad spectrum of marketing activities and will emphasize the ones he or she believes will work best for you and your particular property. But - many Realtors are not aware of the fact that passive marketing; just putting a sign in the yard and holding open houses are not enough. Find out what active marketing procedures your agent will use in addition to traditional methods. Make sure you don't accept less!

Make Sure Your Buyer Qualifies for Financing. Once you are fortunate enough to have attracted your buyer and have opened escrow, the countdown to closing begins! As you make your plans to move into your new home, you realize just how important your Realtors' knowledge and expertise is. There is nothing worse than being all packed, ready to move and finding out at the last minute that your buyers can't get loan approval. Having your house fall out of escrow, or having the closing date delayed repeatedly because the lender your buyer has chosen ran into unexpected trouble is devastating. Raymond and Stephanie work with several lenders who usually close on time. They often have their lenders pre-qualify and approve the buyers of their listings to ensure that the buyers are truly qualified. They will often ask prospective buyers to fill out an application with one of their preferred lenders of choice, to make sure that they increase the probability of closing on time. This has saved their clients a great deal of anguish as their moving day approached.

When choosing an agent, expect excellence! That's right -"Expect Excellence From Your Real Estate Team"! A Realtor who consistently outperforms others will display certain characteristics or traits, all of which add up to real estate excellence. What are those traits? • Commitment • Superior knowledge • Empathy • Enthusiasm • Consistency • Persistence • Integrity.
These are some of the most important. Here's why these traits are so valuable when selling your home: Commitment is evidence of the desire to achieve an objective. When you list your home for sale, the objective is a favorable sale. Would you want anything less than your agent's total commitment to that objective?

Superior Knowledge is the direct result of many things - formal education; daily contact with buyers, sellers, lenders, title companies, fellow agents and others directly involved in real estate; and continuous training. The real estate profession is changing very rapidly. It takes a very strong desire on the part of the Realtor to spend the time and the money required educating themselves in order to remain on the cutting edge of the industry. Raymond and Stephanie are Well-Educated, Highly Experienced, Thoroughly Trained And Caring Professionals. Raymond and Stephanie are both college graduates. They are members of the By Referral Only University which is an advanced real estate training and coaching program.

The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing: Raymond and Stephanie have undergone extensive training in analyzing the luxury home market, providing quality service, and achieving effective results in the high-end residential market. They actively seek out the latest information in marketing strategies, stay on top of changing market conditions, and know how to handle the special needs of their elite clientele and their exceptional properties.

Most Buyers And Sellers Don't Even Remember Who Their Last Realtor Was. With Raymond and Stephanie you will find the warmth and comfort of working with truly caring friends-Combined with the confidence that you feel in being guided by your most trusted professional advisors. This is what you look for in your doctor or attorney, so why would you expect less from your Realtor? Unbelievable as it may seem, most buyers and sellers don't even remember who their Realtor was only two years after escrow closes. A study was recently completed that showed that over 80% of the buyers and sellers had forgotten their Realtors' names within a two-year period. Shocking isn't it? Raymond & Stephanie think so! Raymond and Stephanie's clients never forget them. It is the mission of Raymond and Stephanie and the Louison Team to do whatever it takes, whatever is necessary, and whatever is required (and then some) to earn the right to be "Your Personal Real Estate Consultants for Life". Over 98% of Raymond and Stephanie’s clients would never even consider using the services of another Realtor once they have worked with Raymond and Stephanie Louison. There must be a reason! Do you deserve less? We encourage you to call now for your Free “no obligation” consultation!

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Making It Happen!

As a team, Raymond and Stephanie are able to offer their clients twice the knowledge and service of other real estate agents. The results of their marketing programs can be seen on real estate "Sold" signs throughout the Orange County.

Raymond and Stephanie Louison - Making It Happen!