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The Surf City USA Centenial Celebration Rose Parade Float

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The City of Huntington Beach and its Centennial Celebration were well represented by the spectacular “Surf City USA” Float in the 2009 Tournament of Roses® Parade. The float, measuring 55 feet long and 30 feet high and featuring a family barbequing on a surfboard, won the prestigious Mayor’s Award, representing the Most Outstanding City Entry.

The “Surf City USA” float embodied the essence of living in Huntington Beach featuring family, ocean life and even the famous Huntington Beach pier. Singing and dancing along with the float to the tune of “Surf City” by Jan and Dean were 38 members of Huntington Beach High School’s APA program.
Millions of spectators around the world enjoyed the beautiful pageantry and magnificent floats of the 120th Tournament of Roses® Parade, themed “Hats off to Entertainment”, and the City of Huntington Beach is proud to be a part of such a great tradition.

Tournament of Roses® Parade History
The Tournament of Roses® has come a long way since its early days. The first Tournament of Roses® was staged in 1890 by members of Pasadena's Valley Hunt Club, former residents of the East and Midwest eager to showcase their new home's mild winter weather. During the next few years, the festival expanded to include marching bands and motorized floats. The games on the town lot (which was re-named Tournament Park in 1900) included ostrich races, bronco busting demonstrations and a race between a camel and an elephant (the elephant won). Reviewing stands were built along the Parade route, and Eastern newspapers began to take notice of the event.
In 1895, the Tournament of Roses® Association was formed to take charge of the festival, which had grown too large for the Valley Hunt Club to handle. The Parade’s elaborate floats now feature high-tech computerized animation and exotic natural materials from around the world. Although a few floats are still built exclusively by volunteers from their sponsoring communities, most are built by professional float building companies and take nearly a year to construct. The year-long effort pays off on New Year's morning, when millions of viewers around the world enjoy the Parade.

Surf City USA Float Riders
Over 500 residents entered a drawing to ride on Huntington Beach’s first float in the 2009 Tournament of Roses® Parade. The lucky winners, chosen at the city council meeting on October 6th , were a very special part of the city’s Centennial kickoff on New Year’s Day riding the spectacular “Surf City USA” Float.

Patricia Pashich has been living in Huntington Beach since 1992 and grew up just off the Rose Parade route.

Kenneth Bauer works for OCTA and has been a Huntington Beach resident for over 35 years.

Anita Jones, a 20 year resident, attended Huntington Beach High School and owns her own local accounting and marketing business.

Debbie DeBow has been working for the City of Huntington Beach in the Public Works department for almost 17 years.

Catherine Wippler is the junior lifeguard representative and has lived in Huntington Beach her whole life.

Araceli Arizmendi is a Youth Character Award recipient and attends Oceanview High School.

The residents were joined on the float with Mayor elect Keith Bohr and the 2008 Miss Huntington Beach Cayce Crowder.

Volunteers made the float spectacular
The City of Huntington Beach would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers who helped with float decoration during December at the Huntington Beach Art Center and at Festival Artists in Azusa. Every flower cut and bean glued helped to make the Surf City, USA float spectacular!

Volunteers decorated the float in Azusa and many more groups and residents did dry preparation at the Huntington Beach Art Center including the 4H club, girl scouts, and the Shore Break Hotel.
Dry preparation included cutting petals off statice flowers, chopping dried papaya and gluing materials on to the starfish and coral featured on the float. Other materials decorating the float include black seaweed, green moss and red carnations.
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